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US vs. Global Winery Count


The rise in popularity and demand in the United States has lead to a dramatic increase in the number of wineries within it's borders. The United States currently leads the world in gallons consumed (~900 million gallons in 2020), although it it the fourth largest producer globally behind France, Italy & Spain.

We took a sample of 8441 individual bottles of wine from our data catalog and sorted them into a three-tier hierarchy by 1) Country, 2) State/Province of production, and 3) Variety.


Use the drill-down chart better understand the count of wineries in each region &the varieties are produced there . 

Every state in the US has at least one vineyard, but the five top producing states by volume (California, Oregon, Washington, New York & Virginia) produce over 90% of the US output.

Price x Point Analysis


Wines typically receive a rating the ranging from the low 80's up to the high 90's (with a typical bell-curve distribution).


The rating is generally considered to be an indicator of quality. 


Price is another generally accepted indicator of quality, although data and anecdotal evidence both support the belief that knowledge and experience can help discern standout values in the wine market.

Press the Play button on the Impact chart to see the relative price and point rating for major US wine producing states. Add or remove states with the selector filter at the bottom.

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