AIS allows you to set measurable goals & drive a state of continuous quality improvement.   Delve deeper into product lines, services, employees, locations, & more


AIS draws from a number of disciplines and schools of thought to creating an elegant tools for removing bias & making businesses more effective.


Learn how to take advantage of Alchemy Impact Scoring before it's available to your competition.


Impact Scoring Improves Decisions

AIS provides managers and owners with tools for making informed decisions. By honing in on the most significant destabilizing aspects of any company, our process will:

  • Quantify just how much each variable in your business is helping or hurting the bottom line

  • Allow you to aggregate or drill-down to multiple levels of detail for effective management

  • Provide a clear report card of your current state to serve as a benchmark for targeted improvements


See the inner workings of your business as if you had x-ray vision. Manage risks and opportunities as if you were predicting the future. Know what will resonate with the customer as if you could read their mind.


AIS is powerful because information is powerful. All it takes is to listen to what it says.


Alchemy Impact Scoring Early Adopter Program

Alchemy is currently seeking early AIS Trial Partners in the Legal/Professional Services, Manufacturing, Consumer Retail industries. Partners will receive services at a significant discount in exchange for collaborating with Alchemy and providing feedback throughout the "beta" process.

Early Adopters are also entitled to lifetime discount on future AIS packages and other program benefits. If you are interested in participating in the early adopter program, please take the time to send a quick message in our Contact section. We'll be in touch.